Is Steve Samblis a Racist ?


Take a look at the following post.  Although it was posted under the alias SunTzueyes, many followers of Mr. Samblis’s postings over the years are absolutely convinced this is Mr. Steven Samblis posting.  Someday if (and we believe when) it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt via computer forensics that this is in fact Mr. Steven Samblis posting, the world will know the true character of this CEO.

(click grqaphic to enlarge)

One has to wonder if the derogatory term, used twice in the post, was intentional.  If it was not used intentional, then there appears to be a more concerning deep rooted, and inherent bias involved.

The poster (assuming of course it’s actually Mr. Samblis) will likely respond, defensively, that it is impossible for him to be racially biased, why else would he have partnered with Mr. Collins in the first place.  Well, consider the character of Mr. Samblis overall.  Many say he simply uses people for whatever benefit he can derive from them, then discards them such as has apparently done with investors who were extremely loyal to him in the beginning by purchasing large amounts of his company’s stock.

It’s possible the partnership was based on Mr. Samblis taking over Punch TV, with no intentions of ever letting Mr. Collins have a true leadership role of the company.  It’s clear within the employment contract (details here) that Mr. Collins was to “step up” as CEO in “90 days”, yet Mr. Samblis maintains that Mr. Collins was attempting to take over the company by illegally announcing he was the new CEO.  Look close at the terms of the contract that Mr. Collins released – there are NO contingencies attached to this stand-alone clause of stepping up as CEO.

Folks, you have seen the post, you have seen the contract, you know Mr. Samblis’s history, now YOU need to decide if you believe Mr. Samblis is a racist.  It seems apparent that when Mr. Collins attempted to claim what had been promised to him in the beginning (via written contract), Mr. Samblis apparently turned on him and began to tear him down.  Not only was Mr. Collins of no further use to him, having acquired all his assets, Mr. Collins now became a threat to Mr. Samblis’s ongoing efforts at maintaining absolute control over the company.

Mr. Samblis… if we have this all wrong, please enlighten investors to why such derogatory terms were used in the post.